Marco Woolf – Lets Build This House

Phlexx Records (PLX058) 2021

“While the EP hides social messages and personal stories of various degrees of seriousness, we live it all as a waking dream – Woolf’s music is at the same time light, complex, rich and immediate, swarming with micro-details that multiply with each new listen.” – Pan African Music

“…a unique voice and character in the [UK jazz] music scene” – Match&Fuse, Worldwide FM

“sublime jazz” – glide magazine

Following the acclaimed first single ‘Modus Operandi’ that earned Marco Woolf a debut BBC 6 Music play as well as a play on Gilles Peterson run Worldwide FM, today we announce the second pre-release single from the upcoming EP with the track and official video for ‘Let’s Build This House’.

‘Let’s Build This House’ opens with Woolf on a kalimba. All the other sounds dance around the Kalimba, most notably the flute and tenor saxophone played by spiritual jazz composer, and multi-instrumentalist Pete Beardsworth (Yazmin Lacey). The lyrics are meek and Marco Woolf’s voice is gentle and patient, “Let’s build this house, my petals are all so delicate but I love having you around.” Woolf sings of the strange beauty of how the people you hold dearest are often the ones that have the power to hurt you the most and the bravery it takes to let them in. The song ends in an exuberant explosion, featuring a spiritually charged interplay between vocalists Rowan Lark and Lucie Meiselle.

Accompanying the single is a lyric video shot and directed by Rowan Lark and edited by People Staring’s Rich Williams. “It’s really interesting to me that black joy is not something that I don’t see often on screen,” Woolf share, “I grew up in this huge, vibrant and joyous family and I wanted to share just a glimpse of what that looked like; this is the family that “Francine” built. But at the same time there’s an edge to this song, to the whole EP, because the price for working so hard for the happiness of your children can sometimes be extremely heavy.”

In the video we see members of Marco Woolf’s actual family, “family bond is the central theme of this song, so when it came to thinking about how this song was to be presented visually, having my actual family present was a no-brainer”

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Artist Bio

Heavily influenced by a blend of jazz and folk by artists such as John Martyn and Nick Drake, Marco Woolf writes delicate, introspective songs.
Woolf has built a reputation as a storyteller and builds narrative around his music, while his songs are atmospheric with lyrics full of imagery.
Expect to be taken on a journey where each instrument is its own character with solos more akin to dramatic monologues.

Marco Woolf – Guitar, Vocals
Tom Harris – Keyboard
Tom Harris – Soprano Saxophone
Ruben Sheridan – Drum Kit

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